" RALcoin Trade Center" provides you with 10 to 25% monthly earnings from your own savings and trade arbitrage at your own bot programs and professional traders.

ICO: "RALcoin" will present a maximum of 100 million pieces of coins to its members recently. In addition, it will also be able to get referral and other benefits to its partners on its stock exchange.

Attend to the ranks of those who want to invest in the Cryptocurrency sector and change their future

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Official opening: 12.04.2018
Users: 3110
Investors: 7526
Users Online: 220
Invested: $324666.22
Paid: $486410.71
New user: Lincolnbib
New investment: $
New payment: $

Payment Systems



 "RALcoin Trade Center" consists of 3 projects :





1) Investment

Here you can earn monthly passive earnings based on your deposit. The passive income of the investment can be withdrawn on a daily basis. At the end of the contract the principal amount is refunded. The minimum investment is $ 1 , the maxium is $ 1 million. The minimum right to withdraw is 100 USD, the transaction fee is 3%. You must have at least the Trader package to withdraw network revenue.

In order to be a country and province leader, you need at least 100 people each with a minimum $ 100 investment in your team. Leaders will have an additional $ 1,000 office and seminar support when they invest $ 10,000 in 30 days. Office leaders must have a Founder package. Seminars in major cities should be announced at least 30 days before in the official site. If leaders give $ 30,000 turnover during the nomination are gifted to the iPhone X.

 2) Coin: RALcoin

The total number of mining will be 100 million units. The  RALcoin will be at least 1 cent in the market. Money and coins will be donated to the owners of  Expert and Founder packages. Our goal is to roll RALcoin in the first 10 lumps in the coinmarketcap and raise up to $ 1000.

 3) Exchange

At RALcoins official exchange, along with coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, RALcoin, as well as foreign currencies such as USD, EUR, RBL, AZN, TL will also be traded. The Binary Option, ICO, and Stock Division will also be available in the exchange.

30 days
0.33% per day
Minimum amount: $1.00
Maximum amount: $100.00
The term of the deposit: 30 дней
Percentage of the day: 0.33%
Total revenue: 10%

TRADER - 39%
90 days
0.43% per day
Minimum amount: $100.00
Maximum amount: $5000.00
The term of the deposit: 90 days
Percentage of the day: 0.43%
Total revenue: 39%

MASTER - 90%
180 days
0.50% per day
Minimum amount: $300.00
Maximum amount: $10000.00
The term of the deposit: 180 days
Percentage of the day: 0.50%
Total revenue: 90%